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Ollie and Ed met on a coral conservation project in the Philippines, in the year 2000 when they were eighteen and have remained close friends ever since. At the start of 2020 with only a few crude WhatsApp messages going around about Covid 19, Ed broached the idea of doing the TWAC with Ollie but it was laid to rest whilst both of them focused on real life. As the UK moved into lockdown, feelings must have changed as he was on board 100%, which was great because our twosome, became a foursome very quickly.

Ollie and Darren met in the South of France through Darren's work and it soon became apparent that Darren was an avid sailor and a fan of all things endurance related. Once the decision was made to put a team together for TWAC, the call to Darren was the first made. Finally, Tom came aboard, who Ollie knew from his University days. Tom is an experienced endurance triathlete who has completed several Full, Half Ironman’s and even a dirty double!; he is completing the team after securing the time off from his day job as a fund manager.

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Our Partners

Sandy Loder, Coach

Sandy has been taking teams to the Arctic for over a decade as part of their experiential learning and development.

With his long experience in the business arena and having attended Harvard Business School, he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in performance, mentoring and coaching. He is a leading world expert on working with and helping the next generation of families with their succession planning and development.

He has completed The Science of Endurance Training and Performance from the University of Kent – which explores the science behind endurance sports training and performance, including effective physical, nutritional and psychological preparation and rehabilitation.

For more information, visit Peak Dynamics

University of Kent – High Performance Lab

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For more information, visit http://www.kent.ac.uk

Simon Rowell

We are working with Simon Rowell, an expert meteorologist to plot our journey across the Atlantic to provide the safest and quickest route possible. Simon previously worked on round the world clipper races and very successfully for Team GB at Rio and Tokyo.