Oliver Browne

3rd January, 2021

After finishing my career as a professional polo player at Guards Polo Club in 2014 I transferred into a more sedentary life and business development roles in financial services. In 2017 and some 25kg heavier than I’d been a few years earlier I decided a health kick was in desperate order and I gave up alcohol / processed foods and trained for my first London marathon. This lit something of a fire in me as I continued running marathons and started climbing mountains. I believe strongly that endurance events are essential for self-discovery and advancement and as such the TWAC is an essential part of my endurance journey which I hope will also include an 8000m mountain in the not too distant future, perhaps even the big one itself. TWAC has a fearsome reputation and rightly so – I enjoy managing the internal dialogue during endurance events and I look forward to having some interesting conversations with myself during the race! In the meantime I am training for an Ironman, Lenin Peak and a single day ascent of Mont Blanc (on foot from Les Houches) in 2021. I am still tee total and am toying with the idea of going fully plant based.