Jos Pape

8th August, 2021

When Jos is not leading web application development projects, he can usually be found taking part in some form of endurance sport. During his youth, he found a passion for athletics and ran 1500m at national level in his home country of The Netherlands.  In 2017, he found a new sporting passion in rowing and within a year, took part in competitions at national level, winning several regatta competitions, from individual to eights.   He now also coaches talented young rowers at his local rowing club in Naarden, who will be supporting him during the Challenge.

To build his rowing fitness Jos took up cycling in 2018 and recently cycled 430km in one day with two-time world record holder and winner of the 2020/2021 TWAC, Mark Slats. As a long-time follower of the Challenge, he is more than ready to step back from the computer screen and take part, and – with his rowing experience – will play a vital role within the team’s expedition across the Atlantic.

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