Noman Barcelona Ibiza, July 2021

8th December, 2020

The first race and a winning start for the team! In July 2021, the team won the Noman Barcelona to Ibiza race, crossing the Balearic Sea first in 93 hours.

The Noman Campaign series aims to raise much needed funds for the fight against Human Papillomavirus (HPV), hoping to eliminate 5% of cancers worldwide through global coverage of gender-neutral HPV vaccination programs. Departing from the busy port of Barcelona the team spent the first 12 hours up close to the busy tanker traffic waiting outside the harbour. The marine traffic soon thinned out, but the conditions never eased, despite the beautiful vistas! The race proved a serious test for the boys, with arduous headwinds and sweltering hot sun throughout, they were forced to dig deep to grind out the win.

They undoubtedly learnt a huge amount from the experience, from race management, to boat handling, team preparation and conditioning, even seasickness and have a solid base of experience to build on, moving into 2022. One down, one to go!

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